苹果斗士: HTC复兴全靠消费者喜新厌旧

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本文摘要:This is how quickly fortunes change in the smartphone industry. In 2006, Nokia (NOK) still controlled more than half of the share of the smartphone market. The iPhone wouldnt appear until the summer of 2007. And no one was making Android p


This is how quickly fortunes change in the smartphone industry. In 2006, Nokia (NOK) still controlled more than half of the share of the smartphone market. The iPhone wouldnt appear until the summer of 2007. And no one was making Android phones. Android Inc., bought by Google (GOOG) in 2005, wouldnt emerge as a player until HTC released the Dreamsmartphone in the fall of 2008.在智能手机行业,运气来得快去得也慢。就在2006年的时候,诺基亚(Nokia)还掌控着智能手机市场的大半壁江山。iPhone直到2007年夏天才经常出现。


Android, of course, would go on to dominate the global smartphone market, powering 70% of smartphones shipped in the last quarter of 2012. Five years ago, Android was an open-source mobile OS offered to device manufacturers that wanted to take on Nokia, Apple (AAPL), and BlackBerry (BBRY). It was the OS supporting the Open Handset Alliance, whose members included manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.去年第四季度,全球智能手机出货量中70%加装的都是安卓系统,因此安卓毫无疑问还不会之后支配全球智能手机市场。五年前,安卓作为一个开源移动操作系统平台,被获取给那些想要与诺基亚、苹果(Apple)和黑莓(Blackberry)分一杯羹的手机厂商。它也是对外开放手机联盟的代表系统,而这个对外开放手机联盟的成员则还包括HTC、三星(Samsung)和摩托罗拉(Motorola)等大牌厂商。

Early on, HTC emerged as the company most likely to succeed as the big maker of Android phones. Not only because of the Dream -- the inaugural Android smartphone -- but also theNexus One, Googles first attempt to design its own smartphone. Android may have been an open OS, but it needed a leader. Early on, HTC looked to be that leader. Instead, its Samsung that is ruling the Android empire in 2013.最初,HTC或许是最有可能取得巨大成功的安卓厂商。这某种程度是因为它的Dream手机首创了安卓时代的先河,同时也因为谷歌的第一个“亲儿子”Nexus 1就是HTC代工的。虽然安卓是个开源平台,但是它也必须一个领头羊。在早期的安卓时代,HTC奇特就是那只领头羊。

到了2013年,三星则出了安卓王国的霸主。And what of HTC? By recent numbers, its ailing. According to comScore, its share of U.S. smartphone subscribers fell 1.3 percentage points to 9.3% in the three months through February, a bigger decline than Motorola (now owned by Google). Samsung saw its share grow by 1 percentage point and Apple by 4 points. Measured by global smartphone shipments, according to Barclays Research, HTC may drop to No. 10 this year.HTC怎么了?从最近的数据看,它似乎不存在一些问题。根据康姆斯科公司(comScore)的数据,去年12月及今年1、2月份,HTC在美国智能手机用户中的占有率减少了1.3个百分点,降到9.3%,跌幅甚至多达了被谷歌并购的摩托罗拉。

同一时期,三星的占有率下降了1%,苹果的占有率下降了4%。根据巴克莱研究公司(Barclays Research)的数据,HTC今年的全球手机出货量可能会跌到至第十位。Last week, HTC pre-announced its first-quarter earnings, and the news wasnt good. Net income declined 98% to NT$85 million ($2.8 million), well below analyst estimates of NT$600 million. Revenue fell 37% to NT$42.8 million. The quarter marked the sixth straight decline in profit for the Taiwan-based company.上周,HTC提早宣告了今年第一季度的收益,成绩并不喜人。第一季度HTC的净收入为8500万新台币(合280万美元),上升了98%,相比之下高于分析师预测的6亿新台币。

其第一季度营收为4280万新台币,暴跌了37%。这早已是HTC倒数第六个季度收益持续暴跌了。For some, the disappointing news was another sign that HTCs ship is sinking. Most of the disappointing profit centered around the delayed release of the HTC One phone, an Android phone with an attractive display screen that had been winning largely positive reviews. A shortage of cameras reportedly forced the delay of the new phones. Smartphone makers dont just have to compete for consumers, they also often compete for components.另一个让人失望的信号是HTC的出货量也在上升。首先,利润上升的主要原因是HTC One手机的延期销售。

HTC One配备了一块十分更有人的显示屏,近来受到了不少赞誉。据传摄相头供应严重不足是造成销售延期的主要原因。智能手机厂家们不仅要为抢夺消费者而竞争,还得为了抢走零部件而竞争。


The HTC One was supposed to release in March, several weeks ahead of Samsungs new smartphone -- the Galaxy S4, which had also won strong early reviews and received a fair amount of attention now that Samsung has emerged as a rival to Apple. Having a head start of a month could help HTC steal thunder and show that it was making a big step forward with its smartphones. Instead, the HTC One was delayed until April, with shipment expected to begin this week.HTC One本来以定在今年三月份公布,比三星的最新型号Galaxy S4还早于了几周。随着三星沦为苹果日益强劲的竞争对手,其新的公布的Galaxy S4手机也取得了不少赞誉和注目。如果能提早一个月公布HTC One手机,将有助HTC抢占市场先机,并证明自己在智能手机研发上走在了行业前茅。

惜HTC One的公布被推迟到4月,而且预计本周才不会发货开卖。HTCs stock closed down 2.2% on the day it announced those numbers. But it ended up rallying 8.5% over the next four days, closing the week at NT$261.50. That rally appeared to be sparked by the positive reception of Facebook Home, Facebooks (FB) effort to coopt Androids OS to create a front-end interface designed around its own social network. Another HTC phone, the First, was presented as the first Facebook Home phone, although Home will be dowloadable to other Android phones.HTC宣告第一季度收支的当日,其股价以暴跌2.2个百分点收盘,不过在接下来的四天里又逆势上升8.5%,本周收于261.50元新台币。这次股价上升有可能是由于Facebook与HTC合作的Facebook Home系统受到了赞誉的缘故。

而HTC First手机则沦为第一款反对Facebook Home的手机。不过以后Facebook Home将也可以iTunes到其它手机上。

Still, the decline in its market share has brought HTCs stock down significantly from its levels in recent years, trading 80% below the high point of NT$1,300 in April 2011. The One is intended to turn that around, with its impressive display, a casing designed to rival that of the iPhone, and an image processor chip that HTC made in-house.尽管如此,由于HTC手机的市场份额大大上升,该公司的股价近年来也显著暴跌,从2011年4月顶峰时的1300元新台币暴跌了80%。HTC期望凭借HTC One手机扭转颓势,因此给HTC One配有了一块性能极强的显示屏、一个意图与iPhone竞争的铝合金机身、以及HTC自家生产的图形处理芯片。Wall Street analysts remain divided on HTCs outlook, but most feel the One would have a bigger impact on its fate than the First. J.P. Morgan, which described the One as HTCs last chance for a turnaround, said in a report last week that early signs of order rates are very strong and could deliver 50% growth in revenue this quarter over the previous quarter. Others, like Goldman Sachs, were concerned that the supply-chain issues that delayed the One could continue to be a factor.华尔街的分析师们对HTC的未来发展所持分歧态度,不过大多数分析师都指出,HTC One对该公司的影响将小于HTC First。

摩根大通公司(J. P. Morgan)在上周的一份报告中称之为HTC One是HTC公司“沦落的最后一次机会”,还称之为“从早期迹象看,它的采购亲率很强势”,并回应本季度HTC的营收可能会比上季度快速增长50%。高盛等公司则指出,导致HTC One销售延后的供应链问题仍是一个不平稳因素。HTCs One is the companys best chance to win back market share. The companys new marketing chief recently promised a louder voice and bolder approach in reaching out to consumers in a market flooded with Android phones. Last week, to promote the HTC One, the company launched an ad campaign mocking reality TV shows on sites like Funny or Die.HTC One是宏达电赢取市场份额的最差机会。

HTC的新任市场总监最近回应,在这个安卓手机多如牛毛的市场中,HTC将更加大声、更加大胆地顺应消费者。上周为了推展HTC One,HTC公司还在Funny or Die等网站上公布了一个戏仿电视真人秀的广告。

In the smartphone market, consumer tastes are just fickle enough to make HTC a winner again. For now, the Android manufacturer that once seemed most likely to succeed is just fighting to stay in the game.在智能手机市场上,消费者的口味是十分反复无常的,这几乎有可能使HTC再度沦为赢家。不过目前,这家一度曾是最有期望顺利的安卓手机厂商还得再行为存活而战。





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